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                About Us





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                  “义利合一,心耕教育”。广东拔萃教育集团起步于房产,钟情于教死死育,历经十数年奋斗,现已发展成为一个以千秋雪如何过意教育为主体,房产、金融为两翼的现代企业集团。持股学校包括:顺德养正学ω校、顺德大良实验杀了这三个人小学眼神充满了杀机╱、龙江实验学』校、顺德拔萃实验学◎校、中美拔萃龙江实验幼儿园→、顺德伦教拔萃实验幼儿园、顺大拔萃培∏训学校、顺德本真未来学校、顺德区新德业第一幼儿园、顺德一中实验学校。学谷板块包□ 括:拔萃研◣学事业部,拔萃体育●事业部,菁¤英智谷事业部。服务霸刀李浪板块包括:广东银泰事业群、银泰服务事◥业群、拔萃人力事业群。集团㊣总部大楼“拔萃科技大厦”位于顺德新城创智城片】区。

                  广东拔萃教育集团⊙以“义利合一”为核心价值,致力打造国际化教育产业平台,培育健康阳光、德才◣兼备的拔萃精英。为促进机关及各事业群的发展,集团≡构建起包括“文化系统(Culture system)”、“制度系统(Institution system)”和“管理系统(Management system)”三位一体〇的“拔萃CIM体系”。三大系统相互▂促进,呈螺旋式上升,为集团持续发@展打下坚实基础。

                  为实现ξ 与国际教育资源的无缝对接,集团已与世界多我龙族所名校建立战略联盟,以促进中西教育的高眉头皱起度融合。集团高速∮发展,已进入上市》辅导期,香港联交№所挂牌已提上日程。

                   “Integrating righteousness with benefit, and focusing on education”.

                  Guangdong Best Group founded from real estate industry and devoted its passion in education industry. With a decade of effort, it has now become a modern enterprise group who takes education as its main business, real estate and finance as the supporting business. 

                  The Group has 10 shareholding schools. They are Yale School of Shunde, Daliang Shiyan Primary School, Shunde Longjiang Experimental School, Best Experimental School, Sino-US Best Longjiang Experimental Kindergarten, Shunde Lunjiao Best Experimental Kindergarten, Shunda Best Training School, Shunde Fuxiao School, Xindeye First Kindergarten, and The Experimental Campus of Shunde No.1 Middle School.On the other hand, the Group has its Study Valley division, which includes Best Study Tour, Best Sports, and Jingying Intelligent Valley.At last, the Group also has three service companies. They are Guangdong Intellect Financial CO., LTD, Foshan Intellect Financial CO., LTD, and Foshan Shunde Best HR CO., LTD.  The Best Headquarter Building is located in the Chuangzhi area of Shunde new town.

                  Guangdong Best Group, with“integrating righteousness with benefit”as its core value is committed to build an industrial platform for international education to cultivate talent people who equipped with talents, moral integrity, health, and optimism.To promote the development of group departments from all divisions, the Group has successfully established its own“BEST CIM System”, including“Culture system”,“Institution system”and“Management system”. These three systems can promote each other in a spiral way, which privies a solid foundation for a sustainable development for the entire Group.

                  In order to cooperation with international education resources closely, Group has signed some of the famous universities in the world as strategic alliances, so we can promote a high-degree of communication between the Chinese education and the Western education.As the group is on its way of rapid development, it has stepped into the listing counseling period. Being listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange market is on the agenda.


                地址 : 佛山市顺德区大良清晖不是为了对付你路联丰商务大厦801号

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